Sexual Process, Act 1: Willingness & Non-Willingness

Sexuality integrates both the mind (cognitive) and body (anatomy & physiological). A person’s willingness to be sexual is the event that defines an event as sexual, since it is the act of permission (consensual threshold) which must be crossed before any activity can be determined as sexual.
Examples of sexual willingness:

  1. I am willing to be sexual with my partner, even though I’m not aroused yet.
  2. I have been willing, ready, and able to be sexual ever since I heard her voice on the phone.

Examples of sexual willingness for only certain behaviors:

  1. I am willing to kiss her, but I do not want to do anything else.
  2. I want to cuddle and get each other off (both have orgasms), but I don’t want to be penetrated.

Examples of no willingness:

  1. I didn’t want to be sexual and said no.
  2. I didn’t want to be sexual, but she touched me anyway.

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How to hit the A, U , and G spot of your Girlfriend

ok guys as jiggy is your friend I have decided to help you all out by sharing some of my advanced knowledy on the subject of the female orgasm. Now many have querried how to  to get your girlfriends to achieve multiple orgasmic experiences. so i will now post this information and whenever someone ask me in the future i will refer them to this article.

Stacking orgasms.

stacking orgasms is the ability to make a woman orgasm repeatedly over a defined stretch of time. multiple orgasm. we all know the basic 2 female erotic spots the clitoris and the g-spot but there alot more. yes jiggy has spent many years researching these and to master this art.

Vaginal erotic zones

now advanced knowledge.  women will tell you that after they orgasm the clitoris and g-spot will become extremely sensitive and if more pressure is applied it is thought to be painful. but it should be noted that if clitoral orgasm is achieved then the g-spot wil not be painful and vice versa. now with the a-spot and u-spot you have 2 more spots to play with which means that you can give a woman 4 orgasms from 4 different areas of her flower without her having to stop and catch her breadth isnt that great.

The U-Spot
The U-Spot is a small patch of erectile tissue surrunding the urethral opening on the upper vaginal wall. Less well known then all of the other three erotic zones the U-Spot has only recently been discovered, and is currently being investigated for potential, by American clinical researchers. So far, they have found that when the region is caresses gently with the finger, the tounge or the tip of the penis, there were unexpectedly very, very powerful erotic responses.

The Anterior Fornix Erotic Zone (AFE), a.k.a. “The A-Spot”
The AFE zone is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner end of the vaginal tube near the cervix, about 6 inches back on the lower wall, that is on the opposite side of the G-Spot, Clit and U-Spot there fella’s. It is most easily stimulated by the classic missionary position, more on that later. The direct stimulation of this zone can produce “violent orgasmic contractions.” However, unlike G-Spot and clitoral orgasms, there is no over-sensitivity afterwards. Wait… what? YES MASTER JIGGY HAS FOUND THIS INFORMATION VERY HELPFUL.

Multiple orgasms are not only possible, but using all of these are capable for performingon women by just about every single man, regardless of their sexual, uh… inadequacy or the size of their member. Now check out this quote about the four zones:

Students of female sexual physiology claim (perhaps over-enthusiastically) that if these four erotic centres are stimulated in rotation, one after the other, it is possible for a woman to enjoy many orgasms in a single night. It is pointed out, however, that it takes an extremely experienced and sensitive lover to achieve this.

The Clitoris, at the “mouth” of the vagina, usually covered by a clitoral hood. Just below that, The U-Spot, the sensitive tissue surrounding the urethral tube end. Inside on the upper wall about 2-3 deep is the G-spot and about another 2-3 inches back on the opposite side of the vaginal canal is the AFE zone. Great job,

Let me know what your results and if required i will share more sex ed by jiggy information

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Shaving your Pubic area

pubic area

First, Pick Your Style:

Pubic Hair Styles vary greatly and just like a regular hair style they can be easy or difficult to care for. Before you choose which way to want to look, we’ll cover the pros and cons of different styles. Choosing the right style for you can be a great first step.

  • A Close Trim: If you wan to look a little neater but don’t want to risk the irritation of shaving, trimming close may be the best method for you. Men especially can clean up their appearance quickly and easily with a close trim. Besides causing less irritation, you will probably only need to re-trim every week or so.
  • Brazilian Style Bare (taking it all off): Going completely bare can be a liberating and exciting sensation. Feeling your lover’s touch down below can be exciting and interesting. Being bare has its advantages in other areas as well. You can wear whatever bathing suit you want and low-riders are no trouble at all. Going bare can require some regular maintenance if your are shaving. You’ll want to shave often enough to prevent stubble burn. If you have the guts and can stand the pain, waxing will leave you hair-free for 4 weeks or so.
  • Triangle, Patch, or Landing Strip: If you are looking for a fun way to express yourself you might want to choose a pubic hairstyle that matches your personality. Having cool pubes is like carrying around a great piece of gossip that everyone wants to hear but you will only share with your closest friend. See our section on Shaping Your Pubic Hair for more and style ideas. A pubic hair style requires a bunch of maintenance. Only the simplest ones can be waxed (like a triangle or landing strip) and you’ll need to be good with a razor and trimmer to keep it looking neat. Is it worth it? Probably.
  • Au Natural: Some people are into a giant bush. I guess it is a fetish for some. I suppose that everyone needs some maintenance once in a while, so even if you are going natural style, we can help you choose how to trim the hedges a little bit.

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M-spot vs G-spot


Written by Elf Sternberg.

The Grafenberg spot, or G-spot, is an area located within the anterior (or front) wall of the vagina, about one centimetre from the surface and one-third to one-half way in from the vaginal opening (see illustration and text). It is reported to consist of a system of glands (Skene’s glands) and ducts that surround the urethra (Heath, 1984). Some authors write that you must press “deeply” into the tissue with two fingers to reach it with any effectiveness.

The significance of the G-spot is that some women (about half) report that it is a highly sensitive area that under the right conditions can be very pleasurable if stimulated. For some women, it can be a primary source of stimulation leading to orgasm during intercourse. Other women report no particular stimulation, and some say that it feels as if they need to urinate.

The G-Spot has been linked to the phenomenon known as female ejaculation. To date, there is little data about female ejaculation, although there is some speculation that it is the product of the Skene’s glands 

M-spot ?

There’s actually a *pair* of these “spots.” You stimulate them from outside the body, unlike the G-spot, which you get at from inside the vagina. These “M-spots” are on both men and women!

They’re not easy to find, and you’ve got to already be somewhat sexually aroused, I think, or it won’t feel like anything. I think you probably also have to be ticklish, but maybe not.

Stand up. Take your shirt and pants off. Put your hands on your hips. Now, feel how your hands are resting on a big “shelf” of bone? That’s your pelvic bone. Grip that bone, and get a feel for the shape of it in that area. Now, concentrate on where the tips of your fingers are. Feel around that area. Relax your stomach muscles completely. (Try sitting down if it helps you relax that area.) If you have big hands, or a small waist, your fingertips are probably already on “the spots.” Otherwise, move your hands forward, around towards the front of you a little bit, until you find the edge of that bone, on both sides. Now reach around that ridge of bone, pressing in on the sides of your tummy. Dig in with your fingertips. That’s it! They’re *right* on the edge of that bone, off the insides of it, not off the top of it. Your fingertips should be somewhere just below and to the sides of your belly-button.

I can’t describe it any better than that. It’s probably easier to find if your partner does the searching, instead. If you look for the spots yourself, you could be pressing right in them and not know it, because it’s like trying to tickle yourself — it just doesn’t work.

Get naked with your partner, do some normal foreplay for a while, and get to where you’re really ready for sex. Then have your partner stand behind you, and have him/her put their hands on your hips, as if you were, then proceed as given above. If they push and poke around in that area long enough, they’re bound to find the spots. They might end up just tickling you to death, though. :-) (If it tickles, they’re not pressing hard enough.)

When they do find your M-spots, you will KNOW IT. You will feel a fire light up inside you. Within moments, you will want to turn around and kiss your partner so hard they suffocate. It is VERY intense. It’s kind of uncomfortable, at first, and you can’t take it for very long.

If you’re SO is “moving too slow” during foreplay, go for these spots. Things will speed up REAL fast.

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Female Ejaculation

Written by unknown.

Female ejaculation, once thought to be normal and a pleasurable part of female sexuality came to be a symptom of the hysteric, the content of male fantasy, and the property of pornographic woman.

To accept female ejaculation one has to accept sameness and the equality of male and female bodies.

Both male and female bodies have prostate gland structures along the floor of the urethra and have potential to ejaculate fluids during sexual stimulation.

The female body, can ejaculate fluid from 31 ducts, can with stimulation, ejaculate repeatedly; and as well, can enjoy a plurality of genital pleasure sites; the clitoris, urethra, vagina…

Female ejaculation can serve only one purpose: Pleasure

The film contains scenes which show or describe the following:
– hot sticky fluids very fluid in nature (looks like urine IMHO)
– female ejaculation is so much more powerful that it belittles what we have always seen to be powerful in man.
– visible pushing of vagina and urethra through vaginal orifice.
– forces man’s penis out to ejaculate.
– shows scenes of woman in self bondage
– 40% of all women ejaculate
– no high content of urine, contains prostate gland fluid (IMHO the colour is wrong it is clear where it would need to be opaque)

Directions on how to ejaculate:


Find the muscle and spongy tissue around that part of your urethra that is inside your vagina. It is about half a finger (more or less) inside your vagina and about a finger long across– about two inches. If the muscles that go around your vagina have not been used much, they can be built up by doing contractions: pressing the top of your vagina against the bottom and releasing. This is fun and you could have an orgasm or two. DON’T WORRY: Strong muscles will not hold the penis in place; they will push it out when your ducts get full and you want to shoot.


Take two or three fingers and rub them against the part of your urethra inside your vagina. Press hard and notice the feeling of having to pee. You don’t – this is the signal that you are ready to ejaculate. Now, place the middle finger slightly below the external part of your urethra and begin to masturbate the same way you rub your clit. As you are doing this you will notice that the two ducts, one at each side of your urethra, feel full and perhaps somewhat painful: you have another 29 ducts scattered over the top of your vagina. They are located in a pyramid from your clit to just above your ovaries. Once you get into the body feeling you will be able to locate them on the lower abdomen. (sounds like the urinary bladder IMHO)


Take your other hand and press down on one or more of the ducts from the outside. Push your urethra out and push the way you do when you pee. Liquid will come out — perhaps in a steady stream or jet.

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How to Give the Perfect Hand Job

Sex means more than intercourse; exploring all the different variations enhances your sex life and keeps it from getting stale. Masturbating your partner can be very exciting for both of you. So, read on and learn how to let your fingers do the walking.

Mutual masturbation can be a thrilling experience, but first, we need to study the basics of manual technique. Most men feel women aren’t skilled at handling penises. Their grips are too limp, lacking conviction and exuberance. They seem afraid to apply pressure, yet often pull or tug at inappropriate moments, disrupting the rhythm. They also have a tendency to scratch. Clearly, we all need to be more knowledgeable about the proper methods of mutual masturbation. Either you or your partner can perform the following exercises. But it is written with an experienced woman in mind.

The first concern is always a matter of size. Is it large or small? Somewhere in between? No issue has ever received greater attention than the size of a man’s penis. Man’s obsession with cock size is probably a mental vestige of his primitive primate past, but as far as human sexuality is concerned, it’s a waste of time. A large penis doesn’t have any effect on a woman’s physical enjoyment unless she has a deep-seated psychological attachment to well-endowed men.

How about its shape? Is it curved like a boomerang or is it straight like an arrow? Does your fist fit around the spongy mass of the shaft? Does your hand completely engulf it? This is good because you can squeeze it all at once. But don’t be an organ grinder. Be gentle, yet firm. If the penis has an unusual girth, your hand may not completely encircle it. In such cases, try both hands to insure you don’t miss any of the tender areas while stroking.

Explore every square inch of his genital surface area. A man loves to have his penis worshipped, played with, tickled, fondled, massaged. Let him know that you are not afraid, ashamed or disgusted.

Don’t start stroking or jerking quite yet. Just feel the fullness of it all. Let your fingers run from the balls to the top of the cock head, swirl around there, then slide back down the other half and end back down at the balls. The movements should be swift and smooth, without bumping or stalling.

Now you’re ready for some stepped-up action, but you don’t want to suddenly lapse into a series of beatings, whackings, jackings and jerkings. Tease the more sensitive areas of the penis. These include: the glans and corona, and the tender part of the bottom side of his penis.

Bring your palm up to the top of the glans and park it there flat out, fingers held together and stiff, thumb pointed straight out. Spin it around as if you were trying desperately to remove the tight lid of a jar. Your man will be groaning in delicious agony. The glans is super sensitive and this motion will bring him exquisite pleasure. He might grimace and cry out, and probably try to push your hand away, but he’s loving every second of it. Now’s your chance to be the one who plows ahead even though he’s pleading with you to stop!

After you’ve done this for a while, slip your hand down his testicles and ever-so-gently grab them in your fingers, softly tugging them down away from his shaft. If they are big and bulky, like Grade AA eggs, bounce them up and down a couple of times in your hand. Tell him how heavy they feel, how sexy they are. Whatever you do, don’t squeeze them! This could put a real damper on your lovemaking for the rest of the day. You might notice that one of his nuts hangs lower than the other. This is perfectly normal. Once you feel comfortable with the way his balls feel in your hand, gently roll them up the underside of his shaft. Depending on their size and the amount of room in the scrotum, they will most likely reach to half way of his penis. He will like the way this feels.

Now, let go of his testicles and bring your fingers together in a makeshift goosehead formation. Very lightly, begin to stroke his erection with your fingers, running them all over his sensitive shaft and balls. You may wish to slip the pocket of your goosehead handhold over the tip of his penis, letting it rest there for a few seconds.

About this time, the penis will probably start to emit its natural lubricant. Pre-seminal fluid is nature’s way of moistening the canal of the urethra so that the spermatozoa can swim more easily out of it; it also lubricates the head of the penis. An uncircumcised penis gathers up this lubricant within the foreskin and keeps the head very moist and slick. Use the juice to lubricate the shaft. Sometimes, its musky smell can be an aromatic aphrodisiac for you both.

If there is little or no pre-cum, don’t be concerned. It is not a requirement, and it doesn’t always appear at exactly the same time.

In any case a good lubricant will work just as well. Add a drop of moisturizing lotion to the shaft and gently rub it in. Alexandra Penney, in her book, “How to Make Love to a Man”, is very keen on massaging the lotion between one’s hands before putting it on the penis because sometimes the cream is cold and the palm-rubbing warms it up.

If your partner doesn’t seem to have a very firm erection, try using a cinnamon-based ointment which you can find at your local sex novelty store or acquire through a mail catalog. The slight burning sensation often causes the penis to become rock-hard. Adding a little dab to the testicles also helps. If you really want to do a number on him, slip a dollop of Ben-Gay on his balls and watch him go through the roof.

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The Art of Oral Sex

The art of Oral SexA lot of people, and I am among them, thinks that one of the most pleasant thing you can experience is someone giving you a good lick. Since it’s something I really enjoy I tend to be disappointed if it turns out to be no fun at all due to the licking party’s lack of knowledge.This is nothing that can’t be fixed though. With some patience and practice everyone can be a fantastic licker.Performing oral sex takes some courage (at least the first time). At lot of people are scared that they will find the smell and the taste repulsive. My experience is that you get used to it. You may never really like the taste of semen but you’ll get used to it, and if you don’t don’t take it in your mouth.Women usually tastes and smells more intensely than men. If it bothers you I suggest using something to cover the taste and smell, like chocolate sauce, or jam.

The articles below are not written by me.

  • Cunnilingus Written by Elf Sternberg.
  • How to eat pussy Written by unknown.

  • How to suck cock Written by unknown.
  • Fellatio Written by Elf Sternberg.A fourteen lesson tutorial on how to suck cock Written by Krusty the Clown.
  • Lesson one
  • Lesson two
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  • The butterfly flutter
  • The traveling figure eight
  • The lollipop lick
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